Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome to the (C+V)O Lab

Welcome to the Operational cryptology and computer virology lab blog. You can follow the different activities on this lab. Please feel free to contribute in any constructive way.

Just a quick summary of the lab research activities: we work on computer, network and information security with the attackers' mind and point of view to provide better protection and defense. Our research topics covers
  • Symmetric encryption: design and evaluation of symmetric cryptosystems, design of cryptosystems with trapdoors (introduction of undetectable mathematical weaknesses allowing a less complex cryptanalysis for anyone who has knowledge of the trapdoor), cryptanalysis of symmetric cryptosystem based on the combinatorial properties (weaknesses) of those systems, reconstruction techniques of unknown algorithms (coding or encryption) using the intercepted stuff only (encoded streams, encrypted messages).
  • Analysis and design of steganographic systems. Encrypted data (COMSEC aspect only) exhibit a (too) typical statistical profile. Consequently any attacker can therefore easily identify an exchange of encrypted data. It is therefore crucial in some contexts to hide the very existence (storage, exchange) of data. It is the role of steganography (hiding the channel by considering the TRANSEC aspect). From a dual point of view, I am also interested in techniques for detecting steganographic contents (steganalysis).
  • Computer virology: formal characterization of viral techniques (known and unknown techniques), study and design of new malware technologies, formalization and design of new antiviral techniques, malicious cryptography and steganography (potential use of encryption and/or steganographic techniques by Malware and use of malicious codes for applied cryptanalysis purposes), analysis and Evaluation (passive and active) of antivirus software.

  • Analysis and technical studies of the concept of computer warfare
Once again, welcome to this blog