Monday, October 17, 2011

Future publications of the lab


People from the lab have an intense technical production and are about to present papers in the next months. Here are the main ones:
  • H2HC 2011 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Tutorial in cryptanalysis (8 hours) (E. Filiol).
  • H2HC 2011 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - The TOR Attack. (E. Filiol)
  • PacSec 2011 - Tokyo, Japan - The TOR Attack (E. Filiol)
  • Computer Security 2011, Mexico City, Mexico. Analyzing Android Applications (A. Desnos + G. Gueguen).
  • Medays 2011, Tanger, Morocco. E-Security: Comment lutter contre l'√©mergence permanente de nouveaux risques (E. Filiol).
  • Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2011. Android: from Reversing to Decompilation (A. Desnos + G. Gueguen).
  • Malcon 2011, India. How to make your Home Botnet. (B. David).
  • HICSS 2012, Hawai, USA. Android: Static Analysis Using Similarity Distance (A. Desnos).
  • HICSS 2012, Hawai, USA. New Trends in Security Evaluation of Bayesian Network-based Malware Detection Models (E. Filiol + S. Josse).
All papers, slides and tools are and should be soon available.
Have a nice day

E. F.