Thursday, October 13, 2011

Libre Office International Conférence in Paris Day I

Hi to all

From October 13th to October 15th, a major event in computing industry takes place in Paris: the International Libre Office Conference. The official website is here while the detailed program is here. We will not describe all the technical contents of the different talks since the slides of all of them will be on the official website.

Jonathan Dechaux who attends the conference has harvested a lot of good/interesting news for the day I of the event. Here are the main of them among which are offical announcements:
  • Libre Office is already used by 25 000 000 users and it is expected that in the next forthcoming years the number will grow to 200 000 000 users .
  • The suite is going to be part of the software on the USB key delivered for free to 800 000 Paris aera students ("Ile de France"). The Paris area moreover has joined the LibreOffice fundation as well as the Brazilian government.
  • The cloud version of LibreOffice has been officially announced (with a Firefox plug-in). The GTK, ODF and HTML5 technologies has been chosen. The result will be LibreOffice Online. You can watch a demo video here.
    The only problem (from a security point of view) lies in the fact that it will still integrate Macros and therefore is likely to become a Pandora box.
  • Libre Office is going to equip 500 000 computers of the French government.
  • The suite is about to be available on Android and iOS.
There were the news from day I. More info here.
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