Monday, October 16, 2017

List of TOR Relays for Optimal Correlation Attack

Following our study whose preliminary results have been published here, we have obtained additional results as far as correlation attack and partial anonymity removing are concerned. People who have made feedbacks on our study were interested in the consequences of possible attacks that could be performed on the TOR network. 

We will not give data on relay bridges but as far as simple ORs are concerned, here is the list of the most sensitive ORs (preeminent weight in the three-OR circuits) that could be targeted to
  • correlate aproximatively 40 % of the traffic
  • remove anonymity of approximatively 9 % of the traffic
These ORs should have a boosted/strengthened security.

By the way, we give here the Maltego graph of the authorities with respect to the version evolution. Detailed explanation is contained in a paper recently submitted in an international conference.