iAWACS 2011

Third International Alternative Workshop on
Aggressive Computing and Security

iAWACS 2011: the Reborn Edition

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The no-limit workshop
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"Enhancing security with the attacker's mind"

"Orthodoxy and self confidence are weaknesses"

"There is no such thing as forbidden knowledge,
only forbidden use of knowledge"

RSSIL 2011 (http://www.rssil.org) - Maubeuge - France - 27 28 May 2011

Thinking security cannot be done without adopting a preferential mode of thought of the attacker. A system cannot be defended if we do not know how to attack it. If the theory is still an interesting approach to formalize things, the operational approach must be the ultimate goal: to talk about security is meaningless if we do not actually do security.

In recent years the major security conferences in the subject preferred to select papers according to fashion topics, conforming to something like orthodoxy and organize selection as beauty contests. As a result excellent yet unorthodox scientific papers are often rejected and sink into oblivion.

The third international Alternative Workshop in Aggressive Computing and Security (iAWACS'11) aims to focus on this vision and to allow researchers and specialists to present relevant research works, with interesting results and operational (theoretical and/or applied) in the field of security. The different points of view, away from unconventional fashion and orthodoxy are particularly welcome. The aim is also to promote discussion of ideas around these topics.

Articles or contributions submitted will be selected according to the following criteria:
* Interest and scientific/technical correctness/accuracy
* New results
* Operational quality

Regarding this last point, the authors should give all information and conditions for reproducibility of results they intend to present. This may include, during the selection phase by the reviewers, assessments based on challenges to the authors by the reviewers.

iAWACS is not just another hackers workshop where the last exploit is disclosed. The aim of the conference is to make security concepts evolves through both the attacker's view AND a thorough formalization backed by experimental results.

The main topics covered (list not exhaustive) are:
* Cryptanalysis techniques
* Steganalysis techniques
* Malicious cryptography
* Advanced computer virology techniques (malware, backdoor...)
* Active security product analysis and testing
* Active security auditing
* Mathematical concepts and applications with respect to the attacker's view
* Cyber warfare techniques
* Digital data counterfeiting
* Cryptographic and steganography techniques
* Invisible trap/backdoor techniques in algorithms and applications
* Implementation attacks
* Interception/eavesdropping techniques
* Forensics and anti-forensics techniques
* Tempest and anti-tempest techniques
* InfoOps techniques
* Satellite hijacking

Articles should be submitted in electronic format, preferably in LaTeX format, in English. Submissions of Word/OOwriter documents are accepted. The address for submission is iawacs@esiea.fr
Submissions under hidden identities or aliases are not allowed.

Technical challenges will be organized during the conference. Attendees who want to participate must register either now or on site. For this third edition, two challenges will be organized:

- LibPerseus challenge. A file protected by the PERSEUS technology will be proposed for analysis. The aim is to recover the underlying file. Award 3000 euros.

- Forensics challenge. The content of an Android Phone will be given (as an iso image). In the tactical context of a terrorist attack to be prepared, the aim will be to discover the critical information regarding this attack in order to make it fail. Award 5000 euros.

Workshops will also be organized (lock picking, soldering and free hacking technical session and tutorials...). We also intend to invite hacker spaces to come and present their work, initiatives...

Important dates:
* Submission deadline: April 30th, 2011.
* Notification deadline: May 10th, 2011.
* Slides and white papers (if any) will be available on the conference website two months after the conference.
* Conference dates: May 27th - 28th, 2011

The conference will be held in Maubeuge in collaboration of the RSSIL event.
Each author will have 45 minutes of speaking time; each presentation will be followed by a technical discussion between speakers and listeners.

Conference registration is free for all.

Speakers' privileges :
- Accomodation (1 night)
- Travel expenses will be covered up to a max amount

Organizing committee:
* Program Chair: Eric Filiol (CVO)
* Program Co-Chair: Anthony Desnos (CVO)
* Nicolas Bodin (CVO)
* Sebastien Josse (CVO)
* Geoffroy Gueguen (CVO)
* Eddy Deligne (DCNS/CVO)
* Christophe Grenier (DCNS/CVO)

The Operational Cryptography and Computer Virology lab (C + V)O is currently hosted by ESIEA in Laval, France.

* Program chair: iawacs@esiea.fr
* Organization committee: iawacs_orga@esiea.fr
* Press contact: iawacs_press@esiea.fr